Welcome to Lee Barton’s WEB site.  Even though he is writing this he is speaking of himself in the third person as if he were a member of the aristocracy from the days of Mamie Roosevelt.

Lee is a SAG-AFTRA member actor, performer, writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  He has worked on both stage and film as well as performing his own material  via several one man shows, including the TerraNova Solo Arts Festival and most recently at highly regarded nonprofit theatre Dixon Place in the Lower East Side, testing bits of his uber-piece The Madness and Ease of the Electric Ameoba.  Lee has had a quietly bizarre life built like an English muffin turned upside down on a sediment of historical play-dough so when the fault line that his life is built upon goes a rumbling, those muffin crannies swell and blow like geysers and there’s colored non-toxic clay everywhere.  Therefore, he must expunge in the sexiest way possible.  See the videos page for proof.

Lee also is the CEO of Calendrome Productions  and is currently raising funds for The Disturbing Dream of the Allen Wrench, a full length anti-romantic dramedy, as well as Whorapy, Forever 23 and Fishbowl Zipper.  

Lee is also a novelist, finishing his first titled Point of Venus.  See the novel page for more.


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